Metallic Illusions

Metallic Pearlescent Epoxy Floor Coatings


An elegant and flexible
floor and countertop solution
with an adaptive,
unique, and durable finish
metallic pearlescent floor systems
for commercial
and residential applications
^See how it's done.^
You're only
by what
you can imagine.
Create unique
surfaces for
your home & business.

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You can use our products on any number of surfaces, most notably, countertops and floors!

How it works

Learn how to achieve the depth and richness for floors and countertops Metallic Illusions provides.

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Latest Testimonials

  • I wanted to take a moment to commend Jkrete for an excellent product and amazing customer service.  Jay was so helpful in answering all of my questions via phone, text and email.  He was always quick to respond day or night.  It was amazing to know that we had such back up while in the middle of a project! The product is amazing and is a MUST have for pet owners!  It's extremely durable and easy to clean and maintain with out giving up the aesthetic qualities that I wanted. My floor has turned out beautifully AND it's easy to clean ---I am THRILLED! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!  GREAT PRODUCT!  GREAT COMPANY!Kiko Bisbee buyer @
  • Hi, I want only to say: really, really really fantastic product. Easy to use! My wife and I completed our project in a day, and out counter is the envy of the neighbors.Michael Murphy buyer @
  • Thanks for the support and great customer service! We are extremely happy with how the basement turned out, and we will be ordering again for our garage!Amy and Randall Townsend buyer @


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Metallic Illusions